Slack Jaw

by Scorn Dog

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released June 6, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scorn Dog at Broke Boy Studios, Tacoma.

Artwork and design by Alister.

Special thanks to Hannah (the Hannager), Jack, Alister, Bella, & Jordan!

Released by Youth Riot Records on mustard yellow cassette tapes! Limited to 49 cassettes.

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Scorn Dog Seattle, Washington

two man-hating men.

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Track Name: Ted Cruzin'
I’m Ted Cruzin’ and I’m feeling kinda sweaty
I’m still losin’ and I’m cruising for a bruisin
I’m Ted Cruzin’ and I don’t do dildos
I’m straight boozin’ and I’m drinking Natty Ice
I don’t get why nobody likes me
Donald Trump is just an yellow haired bully
From the playground to the statehouse, I can’t get no respect
Mr. Obama, I say what the heck
I’m Ted Cruzin’ and I’m going kinda crazy
I’m still using and I fixin’ for the prick
I’m Ted Cruzin’ and I’m not on the news
I’m confusing and I’m irelivant
I don’t get why nobody likes me
Donald Trump is just an orange skinned bully
From the playground to the statehouse, I can’t get no respect
Bernie Sanders, I say what the heck
Track Name: Bros Night
Just did a nickel
I’m about to do a dime
Peace out girl
This is our private time
Got me a six pack
Chilling by my bros
Turn on the boob-tube
For a quick J-O
Changing the channel
Put on the LAX game
Got a beer in my hand
Not a cell in my brain
Call up the pizza
Driver took such a rip
Mountain Dew on the rocks
But too bad, no tip
Just chillin with my bros
No problems, no clothes
The kind of night where anything goes
Track Name: DFEAT
Well you do what you want
But you want what you don't
Fuck us both
Yeah you say that I'm wrong
But the truth is a joke
Fuck us both
And along came the words of an innocent man
Everyone jumped the gun just as fast as they can
Never wanted to forget it
I just wanted you to get it
Track Name: Hey Boy
Hey baby I don't bite
Just let me take you out tonight
Hey baby you're okay
I'll disrespect you anyway
Just like the other guys
I'll sweet talk you baby to get into those thighs
Just like the other boys
I'll listen to your problems but only hear white noise
Hey man looking good
I seen you round the neighborhood
Hey you over there
I'll give you something we can share
I'll show you what a real man likes
You kinda look like my ex wife
Run into the room and tell me that's not right
I don't understand and I don't see why
Track Name: Daddy
Daddy you abandoned me
Daddy you sold drugs to me
But punches are not hugs to me
You are my enemy, my enemy
Track Name: Sportz
Pick me pick me
You know I gotta play
Skip me skip me
You always look away
Pick me pick me
I'm really not that bad
Skip me skip me
You always go for Chad
I wanna be good at sportz
So the ladies will like me
Good at sportz
But you know it's unlikely
Sportz sportz
Sportz sportz
Get me on your team or I'll motherfucking scream
Pick me pick me
You don't have the gaul
Skip me skip me
Don't make me catch the ball
Pick me pick me
I'm really not that fast
Skip me skip me
But please don't pick me last
Track Name: Market Place
Marketplace, marketplace
Get get the fuck out of my face
From Haagen Daas to Adidas
Don't give a fuck about the race
Apple Store, Apple Store
You're treating me like I'm your whore
From Nike town to Calvin Clown
It's all a motherfucking bore
Let's get up and go to the mall man
My marketplace
Shop at hot topic cuz no one understands
My marketplace
Track Name: Hittin' the Gym
Juicehead, beefcake
Giving me a stomach ache
Frat bro overload
Giving me the penal code
Take me to the gym
I wanna look like him
Big mouth, big man
Giving me the backhand
Tough guy, never cry
Giving me a black eye
Take me to the gym
I wanna look just like him
It's working out
Track Name: Fuck Trump
Tiny little man with a big toupee
Nothing more to say except
Fuck Trump
Giant dirty mouth with an orange face
Shouting in disgrace we go
Fuck Trump
Tiny little hands being so obscene
All we do is scream and yell
Fuck Trump
Evil fucking face with a crooked frown
Now we're going down unless we
Fuck Trump
It's not too late
To make up for our mistake
Fuck Trump